Space Coast Daily Park | Viera, FL

October 20 – 22, 2023

The Haunting of Fort Amity

Haunted Encampment Trail, Fort Amity Stockade

(Saturday ONLY, 7pm to 10pm)

If ye be brave enough, as the dark of night descends upon fort amity, the veil to the
netherworld shall be lifted, and a pirate curse shall befall the fort and its denizens.
All your friendly characters shall be mystically transformed into ghosts, ghouls,
ghasts, and creatures that go bump in the night, as the spell turns the small village
into a place of spine tingling fear and dread.

What horrors await you in the dark? What terrors lurk in the shadows? What blood
curdling creatures of darkness shall bar your path?

Brave traveler, venture forth into the unknown…of your own free will…IF YOU
DARE…and may good fortune follow you.