Space Coast Daily Park | Viera, FL

October 20 – 22, 2023



Here be pirates to be found in the fledgling colony of Ft. Amity, where many disparate crews and factions have put into harbour, and ensconced themselves about the town. Historical costumed interactive actors and reenactors, well versed in the period of the 18th century, and hailing from hither and yon, are present to engage you in the lore and daily life of days long past, to delight, entertain, enlighten and immerse you in the Age of Pirates! You shall also find games and pastimes, displays common to pirate life, real black powder cannon demonstrations, there shall be a treasure hunt for the children, and many, many more exciting and wondrous things to see and experience!

This era is a large part of Florida’s rich historical beginnings, and we invite the young and young at heart, to explore, discover and become a part of the adventure, as you wander the lanes and visit the camps and those who dwell therein!


This is the home away from home of Lord Hyde, The Lord Governor, Countess Aemelia his bride, his personal staff and retinue, and the mercenaries that enforce his will. The British colonial administration has never been more fun, no wonder they are the real reason for the Revolution…in about 74 years. Until then, edicts and oppression, taxation with impunity and absolutist Royal authority on a whim are the rules of the day.


His Majesty’s Royal Artillery is a freelance mercenary artillery battery that is currently employed by the Lord Governor to fend off possible incursion by hostile pirates, foreign privateers, or a Spanish or French enemy attack. Lord Hyde pays well and mostly on time, because he knows the kind of firepower they have and he doesn’t want to upset them.

In the past, when not employed on land, the company will pack up and go to sea as privateers, and pillage and plunder as much as they want and as often as possible. Having given them a ‘Letter of Marque’, the Lord Governor encourages this activity, and backs them up… as long as he gets his cut.

Their encampment not only has an impressive array of black powder cannons and small arms, but they will be happy to regale you with stories and information on these formidable period weapons of war.


Ahoy from the Crewe and Encampment of the Sea Witch. You will find us ensconced in Fort Amity. We have arrived to hear what the Lord Governor has to offer as parley, and are curious to see how our ship can continue to gain prestige and payment in service to the Crown.

In our camp you will meet Captain Grendel, First Mate Eleanor Cruikshank, Barrel Lookout Ingrid Blackwaters, Ingrid Howler Powder Monkey, and Cabin Girl Aisling Byrnes.

As you may be aware, yes, we are an all-girl pyrate crew, with a high level of seamanship abilities as required of Captain Grendel. You can engage us in games of chance or lively conversations of our antics aboard our schooner, The Sea Witch, and general insight of 18th century life.


Hailing from coasts that span the breadth of the Mediterranean, a crew of Artisans, Academics, and Adventurers has assembled aboard the Sultan’s Blade: an Ottoman funded vessel of trade and cultural exchange! Together, they experience the many new people, places, and peculiarities they’ll meet on land during these festival days!

Join them as they recount the many countries, cultures, and chronicles that fill the history of the 15th and 16th centuries. Through sharing history and knowledge, the collective human achievement of the Mediterranean expanse will be revealed!


The Sprawling Jackdaw’s Careening Camp provides an educational experience for patrons to learn about how pirates lived, fought, sailed and cooked. Patrons have the chance to make their own pirate flag and jewelry, play many different games, join the crew; learn about cannons and much, much more!


Ahoy, me hearties! Brethren of the Space Coast was founded in 2007 in Brevard County, Florida.  Their pirate crew participates in parades, charity fund raisers, community events, Renaissance festivals, and Pirate festivals. For all those who are pirates at heart, The Brethren is home ported on the Space Coast of Florida, although our crew members hail from all over the world. They shall have myriad piratical offerings, including the Pirate ship “The LuAnn”, Captain RedLegs Greaves’ pirate parrots, and a FREE Powder Monkey Treasure Hunt for kids on Saturday!